Entertaining Kids When Out and About


My 3-year-old is full on.  There does not seem to be an off switch.  This means that when we are out he wants to look, touch and be involved in everything.  Obviously this is not always possible like in trips to the doctors or when we go out for a meal.

To keep him sufficiently entertained and in one spot when we head to special events we pack an activity bag.  I discussed this briefly in my post about my command centre here

In the command centre I keep his activity bag – you can see his red satchel bag hanging in the right of the picture.   Before we head out he collects his bag and fills it with fun activities from the box in the bottom left of the picture labelled ‘Oliver’s Toys’.

In this box I rotate a variety of mostly quiet and interesting activities for Oliver to do when we are out. 

At the moment the box stocks:

  • his portable dvd player and a collection of dvds
  • a travel Thomas the Tank Engine track and trains
  • a small bead maze
  • crayons, colouring and sticker books

As I said before, we don’t pack this bag every time we head out.  I don’t like cluttering up the car with unnecessary items.  If for some reason we end up heading somewhere unexpectedly and I need a quiet activity to entertain Oliver I have my Ipad.  I have downloaded a variety of games that are educational and creative that hold his interest.

If I want to avoid lugging anything with me to entertain the boys, I deliberately choose to patronise child friendly businesses.  There are a lot more around and I have found a few websites listing and reviewing child friendly businesses in my hometown.  For those in Brisbane, Queensland I suggest you have a look at Brisbane Kids.  For all areas in Australia have a look at Eatability or Kidspot.

How do you keep your kids entertained when you are out and about?


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