Take Me There Today


I am having a ‘blah’ day.  The weather is dull and dreary and I am so tired.  I feel like being somewhere pretty,  sipping on good coffee and  indulging in sweet treats.  There is always one place in particular I would like to be on days like this….the bakery from the movie,  ‘It’s Complicated’.

The moment I saw that in the film I was in love.  I rushed home and gushed about it to hubby ( he wasn’t as enthused as me) and then sighed that there was nothing to compare to it here in Brissie.  I want to sit at one of the stools at the counter and breathe so unhygienically all over the tasty teats openly displayed on the counter.  I want Meryl Streep to serve me coffee while I get to eat the chocolate croissants that she has made by hand.  Ahhh to dream.

Where do you wish you were on your ‘blah’ days?


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