A Use for Leftover Bread


We are a fresh bread kind of household.  There is nothing we hate more than a sandwich made from less-than-fresh bread.  This means that on occasion that there is part of a loaf of bread left that no-one really wants to touch.  I hate waste so I endeavour to use it.  I make croutons, bread and butter puddings or frozen cheese sandwiches to toast for an easy meal, an idea I picked up from Cassadiva.  Today I thought I would whip up some garlic and parmesan bread.

This is really  easy and requires only a few ingredients – normally the ones you would have on-hand, even in the ‘lean’ days before your next grocery shop.  Today I am using:

  • butter
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • parmesan
  • leftover wholemeal bread

You don’t have to stick to these ingredients, alter it to your tastes and pantry. If you are out of fresh garlic, use garlic powder or omit the garlic altogether.  Put in any herbs you like.  They don’t have to be fresh – you can use dried herbs or herb mixes like the italian ones that are readily available.  As for the bread, anything goes – buns, pide, ciabatta, baguette – whatever you have on hand.

I whizz the butter up in my mini food processor.  I prefer to blend the butter and garlic together first and then I add the parsley at the last moment so it doesn’t become too obliterated.  Today I only have shaved parmesan on hand so I am going to throw that in the mixer as well.  If you have grated or powdered parmesan you could leave it out until after spreading your butter on the bread and instead sprinkle it on the top.

I spread the butter generously on my leftover bread.   You can choose to spread the butter more thinly, or double up and put it on both sides of your bread if you aren’t to concerned about the fat 😉 If you end up with left over garlic butter mix, freeze it for another time you have leftover bread or let a dollop melt over a juicy steak after it comes off the grill.

I plan on freezing these slices for another time.  Before I freeze them, I wrap them in alfoil and cling wrap.

When I want to cook them, there is really no need to defrost.  I remove the cling wrap and put them in a moderate oven until the butter is melted.  Then I open the alfoil for the last few minutes of baking so that the crust of the bread becomes crispy.

Of course you can cook them any way you like. It works just as well to lay these slices individually on a tray and bake.

I guarantee this will be loved by your family.

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