Water for the Week


Yesterday I wrote about my fridge organisation and  I had a few people ask where I got my colourful waterbottles from,  seen here.

Like many people out there my days become so busy that I often forget to drink water.  It was not unusual for me to get home from work and realise that the only fluids I had had for the day were two cups of coffee.  Bad.

One day while I was surfing one of my favourite online stores, Bambini Pronto, I came across Water for the Week made by Reduce.  It consists of 5 x 400ml, or a smaller 5 x 250ml, water bottles that sit in a container which can remain in your fridge.  While the concept is to take a new water bottle each weekday, I use all the water bottles in one day. This helps me keep a track of how much I drink in a day and if I consume all 5 of the 400ml bottles I have got more than the standard 8 glasses of water needed in a day.

They come in two funky colour/design combos.  I love how bright my bottles are….so much prettier than my previous pop top one.  It also goes without saying that these are so much better for the environment than purchasing bottled water and are BPA free so there are no problems with it affecting your health.

How do you ensure that you get your 8 glasses of water a day?


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  1. Sadly, I rarely get the water I should. I love the idea though and with the heat we’ve been having in Indiana I definitely need to make a better effort to get my water intake up. Pretty things always make unpleasant tasks better!

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