Easy Budget Tourist Art


Last week I wrote about the mammoth task of cleaning my hall cupboard.  Stored in the recesses of that mess were a number of projects I had squirreled away for less busy days.  Knowing that these were probably not going to come anytime soon, I just had to make time to complete them.  One of them, the pizza tray magnetic board, I shared with you the other day.  Over the weekend I completed a souvenir art project I collected on our family holiday to New Zealand  TWO years ago.  A long time to sit in storage, hey? Especially since it took no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

So what was the project and how can you replicate it after your family holidays?

I had purchased these three ceramic Maori symbols.

I loved the shape of them and thought they would look great displayed together.  They weren’t very expensive – about $6-8 NZ dollars each.

I picked up a three window frame from Target (on clearance!), making sure that the matt board opening was big enough for my souvenirs.

I removed the glass from the frame and attached sturdy cardboard to the inside of the frame.   I had intended to use some traditional woven mat as the background to my art but I did not have enough of it.  I will do this once I source some more.   Using a hot glue gun I stuck the symbols into the openings.

I added  a hook to the wall and it was hung.  My 10 minute tourist art!

You can make your own artwork like this or in shadow boxes to remember your family holidays.  There are so many possibilities, only limited by your imagination…..shells, masks, coins, destination spoons, tea towels, magnets, matchstick boxes, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, traditional carvings or jewellery.

Next on my list of tourist art is framing two carved wooden scarab beetles from Egypt and a lovely Venetian Mask.  Master O is going to have his own go at creating a similar artwork with shells he is going to collect from our up-coming beach holiday. I will update you with our creations soon.



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