Spending Money Leads to Spending More Money


I rushed off this morning to buy these lovely metal laundry containers….


I have admired these for ages but have not been able to really justify spending money on something I didn’t really need.

Well today at Aldi these were about half the price they regularly sell for so I thought what the hell.

I brought them home all pleased with myself. I checked out my colour choice against my benchtop and I went from pleased to happy. I looked around my laundry and I went from happy to excited. How much nicer could I make my laundry room with just a few more changes and additions? Inspiration has struck!

I’m yet to tell hubby about my plans for a laundry revamp. No doubt he will read this post on his way home on the bus. I can picture it now…eyes rolling….deep sighs….and a thought bubble popping out the top of his head reading, “Jade spending money leads to spending more money.”

Hurry home Darl…I want to show you my ideas.


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