Growing an Easter Egg Garden


Happy Easter all! I thought I would quickly share this cute idea I was able to get up and running on Easter Saturday which I think will turn into a bit of an Easter tradition around here.

I stumbled across the idea of giving kids a packet of magic jelly beans which they could plant, water and by Easter Sunday would grow into a lollipop garden….I loved this idea and imagined how lovely a scene of lollipops in all shaped and sizes would look in the garden. However, I did not have any jelly beans or lollipops and I did not want to brave the over-crowded shops. So I altered the idea to suit the fact I had purchased a whole heap of little eggs for Master O to hunt when he woke up on Sunday morning.

So I packaged up a parcel of hundreds and thousands and left them where Master O would find them.

I told him the Easter Bunny had left instructions to plant the Easter egg seeds in the garden so that by Easter Sunday they would have grown into Easter eggs.

We had such fun planting them and then this morning, Master O, still in his pajamas and bed hair, pulled on his gumboots and went to find his Easter eggs.

He was so proud that he ‘grew’the Easter eggs. I am sure that our neighbours fortunate enough not to have sugar-hyped children at 6.30am this morning were unfortunately woken by my egg-cited 3-year-old instead.

I can’t wait to have the time to expand on this next year and include Master C.

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