Restoring Order to a Messy House – Step 1


I survived the worst arsenic hour yesterday.  Well,  when I say hour, it was more like 4 hours and when I say survive, I mean only just.  What didn’t surive was the house.  It was already looking less than pristine pre-arsenic hour but I was just too frazzled/upset/tired to restore order yesterday.  So this morning I woke to an awful mess.

I thought today I would share with you my first step to restoring order.

I grab a garbage bag and laundry basket and start at the front of the house.  As I move from room to room I throw out rubbish and put items that need to be returned elsewhere into the basket.  While in the room I straighten obvious items like pillows, blinds and furniture.  Before leaving the room I check to see if there is anything in the basket that needs to be returned to its place.

This simple task makes a huge difference.  If I only do this I feel heaps better about the state of the house.

So now with that done, I can get down to the nitty gritty……If only that was as simple!


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