Dear Coffee, I Love You Again – 5 Minute Coffee Corner Creation

Dear Coffee, I Love You Again – 5 Minute Coffee Corner Creation

Like many, I have a love affair with coffee.  I am not, however,  one of these people who can’t live without it or a can’t-function-until-its-drunk gal.  What I love is the ritual of sitting down to drink a coffee.  I love smelling the coffee beans, cradling a warm cup and relaxing for the 10 minutes or so while you slowly sip at that perfect brew.

However,  my life became a whole lot busier last November with the addition of Master C to the household and relaxing is not always on the cards.  If I do get to fire up the coffee machine and make a cup, it is often drunk lukewarm or in a rush to satisfy a hungry infant.   I just wasn’t loving my cup of coffee anymore and I was missing the relationship we once shared.  So, yesterday I decided it was ‘Reclaim the Coffee Break’ Day in the Crooked household!

And so the plan was devised……

  1. Change coffee break to mid-morning during Master C’s nap time
  2. Distract Master O  while I sip coffee
  3. Set up the perfect place to enjoy the coffee break

Steps 1 and 2 were easy but step 3 was going to need work and time was scarce.  I had always wanted a coffee nook in my house.  A place where I could go, specifically designed for my coffee drinking pleasure.  Mood lit, comfy chairs, nice china, cloche covered morsels, engrossing reading material, maybe a view and no annoyance.  Keep dreaming Jade!  But maybe I could have just a fragment of this?  With no place  inside to devote to my selfishness  I looked outside.

There  is a no other place where Master O is more entertained than in the front yard.  It was the logical place for my coffee spot and as I had already set up a table and chair set under our front porch, all the area needed was a makeover.  This is what the area looked like pre-reclaim….

Pretty bland and ordinary I know.  But the area has a nice, green outlook and is a relaxing space with a trickling water feature.

So with this spot in mind I went ‘shopping’ about my house for items that could redecorate here.  I am all for recycling.  I love to change things up at my place so items are constantly being rotated from room to room or into storage.  It means that house is decorated in a similar style and I am not spending up big when the redecoration mood takes me.

To brighten and comfy up the black suite I used two red and white cushions that once lived in the spare room.  To add more splashes of red I used one of my felt placemats as a runner on the table.  A small  black flexi tub that once stored toys would be perfect for magazines or books.  Outside there already lived a few pot plants and lanterns which could be rehoused here to help frame and green up the space.  Finally, I had a small black pot in which once sat a lovely plant that I skillfully killed and with a quick trip to Masters it was filled with a $2 potted colour.

So in five minutes, with a little fluffing and moving of pots and only $2 my new coffee spot  looked like this:

So with just a few small changes, the place is now a lot more inviting.  With my favourite coffee cup and a plate of biscuits, I can sit in my front yard and enjoy my coffee.  I can happily watch Master O at play, flip through the latest catalogues and magazines and enjoy the outdoors.  It just goes to show that you don’t need Donald Trump’s budget or a whole weekend to improve a little corner of your world.


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  1. Love your coffee spot, the red makes it really pop, and your modern looking house. Is that a terrazo floor on your patio? I am a first thing in the morning coffee person, but also love the bean grinding, smelling, and savoring. Visiting from Rednesday.

  2. That’s totally charming and certainly one of those places to have the cuppa and just sit for a few minutes. Great inspiration (with or without a small child). Well done!

  3. Your jolt of red accents really livened up your space. If the java doesn’t get you going, the cheery red should energize you. 😉

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you each week. Be sure to stop in tonight to see yourself featured.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  4. Looks good. You are speaking my coffee language it’s all about the ritual and the time out. I put off my coffee break all day until I have a good break time. You have inspired me to put more effort into my coffee break place. Thanks for sharing.

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