Welcome to ‘There Was a Crooked House’


Hi.  Thanks for taking time out to look at my blog. I have for quite a while now considered starting a personal blog, and well, here I am.

Firstly, a little about me.  I am a 30-something wife and mother.  I have 2 boys, the eldest is 3 years and the youngest 4 months.  I am a Secondary Teacher but I am currently having some time off to raise my family.  I love cooking and food, shopping, decorating and partying.  I am a perfectionist and organisational super-freak who unfortunately lacks the attention span/commitment to make these traits with benefits!  Hence the reason for this Blog.  There Was a Crooked House will journal my attempt to streamline my, at times, ‘crooked’ life and home.

I love looking for hints and tips to make my life simpler, easier, healthier, prettier and more fun.  While I love to share these ideas with friends and family, sadly these tips don’t always get applied to my life.  I want to make sure I use these ideas in my life and reap the benefits and maybe you too might find them useful.  I know that there will be some epic fails along the way and I hope you laugh along with me.



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  1. Great idea! Sounds just like me!!! If you remember me that is from burnside high????? I have 3 kiddies and have just made the change to primary lote teaching…….best tip I can give you when you go back to work!!! Soooo much easier and family friendly

    • Of course I remember you Natalie! I have seen the pics of your gorgeous kids. I was just talking the other day about people who make the jump from high school to primary teaching – you really like it? Is there a bit of a learning curve?

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